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Century yuasa Batteries
Since 1928 Century has been making batteries in Australia, and developed the expertise to design and manufacture batteries suited for Australia’s hotter climate and harsh road conditions. Independent testing shows Century’s ‘Ultra Hi Performance’ batteries last up to three times longer than common heavy duty or imported batteries.
GS Yuasa offer the Power Series batteries designed and built tough in Australia for our conditions.

Deep cycle agm battery support (02) 9555 9444 or EMAIL HERE

sealed DEEP CYCLE AGM Batteries


AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) technology is the next step in the evolution of starting & deep cycling batteries for all types of applications including Deep-cycle Marine, House boat, 4WD, Caravan, Motorhome, Solar, Camping & recreation. SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) ‘next generation’ technology delivers increased safety, higher performance, longer shelf & service life over flooded lead acid batteries. For more info click links below!
Why Choose AGM?  |  State of Charge Chart  |  Marine Application


World's smartest battery chargers, convenient, extremely simple to use & fully automatic. CTEK is a switch mode charger with many features, weather proof & safe to leave connected 24/7 for months, when full charge is reached, it switch's to maintenance mode keeping your battery in optimum condition at all times, also extending your battery life. CTEK chargers are Suitable for Flooded Lead Acid, MF, Calcium & most Gel & AGM batteries. Read more
'NEW' CTEK D250S DUAL DC-DC CHARGER: Charge @ 14.4V while on the move! Ideal Solar, Caravan, Motorhome, Boat & 4WD Dual battery system solution. Eliminating expensive wiring, relays & isolators. Read more | User guide
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Century 41 & 43 $119.00 - Century 46 & 47 $139.00 - Century 57-MF & 58-MF discounted price $149.00 save $30.00
57-MF & 58-MF
Was $199
Yuasa & Deka
Motorcycle - Scooter
Jet Ski & ATV Batteries
Balmain Motorcycle Batteries
Yuasa & Deka motorcycle batteries delivered Australia-wide at Balmain Motorcycles
Century Yuasa Overlander N70ZZL4WD - N70ZZ4WD known as the best 4WD battery, discounted cost price $235.00 SAVE $50.00
Was $299

6 Volt Century 03 battery $139.00 Suit MGB - 48L & 48R $185 - 55D23L & 55D23R $159 discounted
Was $199

Century 51 & 53 $129 - Century 67-MF, 68-MF, 67EF-MF $179 discounted cost price
67-MF, 68-MF 67EF-MF
Was $239

Century euro car battery M96-12MF &  DIN44L, DIN44LMF $155.00 - DIN53L, DIN53LMF $169.00 - DIN53R, DIN53RMF $165 discounted cost price
Was $259

Century DIN66, DIN65L, DIN65LMF $199.00  - DIN75L, DIN75LMF $215.00 discounted cost price superior performance European car batteries
Was $279

Century european car battery DIN88 DIN85L, DIN85LMF $249.00 - DIN95 DIN95L, DIN92L, DIN92LMF $279.00 discounted cost price
Was $339

Century 43T $165.00 - Century 46T & 47T $179.00 save $35.00
Was $212

Spec sheet

Fork Lift

Deep cycle Battery - Century 12A discounted cost price $169.00 save $30.00
Spec sheet

Century deep cycle N70T battery discounted cost price $219.00 save $50.00
Was $319

Spec sheet

Century N86T battery discounted cost price $239.00 save $45.00
Was $349

Spec sheet

Century NS89T battery discounted cost price $349.00 save $70.00
Was 489

Spec sheet

Century Ride-on mower battery U1MF & U1RMF EverRide battery price $95 heavy duty maintenance free & Low maintenance 12N24-3 - 12N24-4 price $89.00
$105 Was $129
s battery finder   CLICK HERE
European Car Batteries High Performance Federal & Century Audi batteriesHigh Performance Federal & Century BMW batteriesHigh Performance Federal & Century Mercedes Benz batteries
Our stock includes the full range of Varta and Federal batteries to suit European vehicles. Federal batteries are a premium quality USA made higher performance battery, available in zero maintenance silver calcium or sealed AGM technology.
Battery replacement in most late model Euro vehicles may require control unit adaption reprogramming, we are fully equipped with the latest scanners and provide this service for most European vehicles, including diagnostics and software updating.
We also stock the DIN series Century batteries, a high quality European-specification battery, maintenance free, and backed by a 24-month nationwide warranty.
High Quality Federal & Century Batteries to Suit Mercedes Benz Vehicles
$189.00 Save $35
$215.00 Save $44
239.00 Save $40
.00 Save $30
Save $50
Save $50
High Quality Federal & Century Batteries to Suit Peugeot Vehicles High Quality Federal & Century Batteries to Suit Audi Vehicles High Quality Federal & Century Batteries to Suit Alfa Romeo Vehicles High Quality Federal & Century Batteries to Suit Volvo Vehicles High Quality Federal Century Batteries to Suit Jeep Vehicles High Quality Federal & Century Batteries to Suit Saab Vehicles
High Quality Federal & Century Batteries to Suit BMW Vehicles
High Quality Federal & Century Batteries to Suit VW Vehicles - Volkswagen Batteries
The best in 4WD batteries, the N70ZZ4WD Ultra Hi Performance Overlander battery is Designed and built tough in Australia, featuring the ultimate in battery life and superior performance with a massive 710 CCA, a longer lasting battery, with up to three times more life* and backed by a 24-month nationwide warranty
*N70ZZ4WD Battery info More info $259.00 Was $299

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Marine Batteries
Marine Pro Boat Batteries 
Century batteries offer a wide range* of high quality marine boat batteries, backed by a 24-month nationwide warranty. Click here for more info
Marine Pro 580 D23RM-MF More info $179.00 Save $50
Marine Pro 680 NS70M-MF More info $209.00 Save $50
Marine Pro 780 N70ZM-MF More info $249.00 Save $50
*Which Battery Do I need for my boat?
Marine Pro Cruiser Series   Marine Pro Cruiser Batteries
The marine pro cruiser series battery is for larger boat cruisers, and specialised marine applications, backed by a 12-month nationwide warranty.
Marine Pro cruiser N150M  More info $399.00 Save $100
Marine Pro cruiser N200M More info $489.00 Save $110
Car Batteries vs Marine Batteries

Choose the deep cycle battery* when you require long-running power and low current drain. Your Century battery will last charge after charge. Can be used in golf buggy cart, caravan, electric scooter, 4WD, boat & electric wheelchair.
  Car Batteries vs Deep cycle Batteries   *more info  
Choosing The Right Deep Cycle Battery  
The size of the deep cycle battery depends on what you need it for, the link below is a deep cycle battery calculation guide to help you choose.
Calculate Deep-cycle Battery Size

GEL Sealed CENTURY Deep Cycle Batteries  
Century, the recreation battery of choice. Our gel technology lets you power up any number of auxiliary equipment, from refrigerators to electric outboard motors, electric wheelchair, mobility scooter, electric scooter, golf buggy cart & more.....
Century Deep-cycle Battery Guide  

Recreation - Marine - 4WD Heavy Duty Batteries
The Century battery range provides excellent heavy duty starting and deep cycling performance. Suitable for marine and 4WD dual battery systems.
Recreational Battery Guide

Truck Batteries  
The Ultra Hi Performance (UHP) battery provides up to three times more life* in Australian conditions. The Hi Performance battery series provide up to two times more life*. Designed and manufactured in Australian, and Backed by a 24-month nationwide warranty.
    *more info  
Truck Batteries Heavy Series  
Are a European-specification battery, Century maintains a full range of imported batteries to suit most light truck, heavy truck, and specialised commercial vehicles. Backed by a 12 to 18-month nationwide warranty.
CTEK smart Chargers 23% OFF  CLICK HERE
We are an authorised Sydney inner west battery disposal/recycle centre USA Made
Buy High Quality Federal Batteries at Balmain Batteries
Quality Matters

Century N70ZZ-MF & N70ZZL-MF $195.00 - N70ZZH &  N70ZZLH $235.00 discounted cost price
Was $249

Century NS40Z-MF - NS40ZL-MF - NS40ZLS-MF - NS40ZS-MF discounted cost price $125.00 save $15.00
Was $159

Century NS40ZLSX-MF - NS40ZLX-MF - NS40ZSX-MF - NS40ZX-MF discounted cost price $145.00 save $20.00
Was $189

Century NS60 - N60S - NS60L - NS60LS discounted cost price $145.00 save $25.00
Was $195

Century Marine Pro 580 57M $159.00 - Marine Pro 680 NS70M-MF $199.00 - Marine Pro 780 N70ZM-MF $225.00 discounted price Save $50.00 to $70.00
Was $299

Century Marine Pro Cruiser Battery N150M $339.00 discounted  cost price save $80.00
Was $499

Century Marine Pro Cruiser Battery N200M $399.00 save $100.00
Was $599

Golf Buggy

6 Volt

Golf Buggy 6v 225AH USA made Century C105 deep cycle battery discounted price $239.00 save $50.00
Was $359

Spec sheet

6 Volt

Golf Buggy 6v 245AH Century C145 Battery, cost price $289.00 $80.00
Was $469
Spec sheet

8 Volt

Golf Buggy 8v 170AH USA made Century C8VGC Battery, cost price $269.00 save $86.00
Was $429
Spec sheet

8 Volt

Golf Buggy 8v 170AH USA made Century C8VGC Battery, cost price $269.00 save $86.00
Was $489
Spec sheet

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Discounted High Quality Batteries & Chargers to Suit Your Car - 4WD - Truck Marine - Boat - Caravan - Motorhome - Solar--Wheelchair - Mobility Scooter

We offer the best discounts on Century Car Batteries, 4WD, Truck, Deep cycle, Marine, Mobility Scooter, Wheelchair & Absorbed Power AGM Batteries Discount High Quality Absorbed Power Deep cycle AGM Batteries Ideal For Marine - 4WD - Camping - Caravan - Motorhome - Solar - Recreation Discount High Quality Deep-cycle AGM Batteries
AGM Specials!
AGM batteries to suit 4WD, RV, Motorhome & Camping High Quality Sealed AGM Deep cycle Batteries to suit Caravan's, Motorhome & Recreation AGM Batteries are Ideal for marine use,  Cruiser Boat's - Yacht's & Sail Boats
Deka AGM Intimidator Batteries - Seamate Batteries - Powersports AGM Batteries, Sydney Dealer
Sealed AGM for: Starting • Deep Cycle or Dual Purpose
Marine Craft • RV • 4WD • Caravan • Motorhome
Manufacured in the U.S.A
With the highest quality workmanship & materials, Deka Intimidator batteries provide the ultimate combination of quality performance, and price
AGM 92AH/580 CCA
Deka Seamate/Intimidator 8A27M 92AH AGM battery Sydney - VRLA SLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Deka 8A27M $568
Was $768
AGM 105AH/800 CCA
Deka Seamate/Intimidator 8A31DTM 105AH AGM battery Sydney - VRLA SLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Deka 8A31DTM $649
Was $878
Deka Info.pdf
Watch on YouTube
AGM 198AH/1110 CCA 
Deka Seamate/Intimidator 8A4DM 198AH AGM battery Sydney - VRLA SLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Deka 8A4DM $1198
Was $1596
AGM 245AH/1350 CCA 
Deka Seamate/Intimidator 245AH AGM battery Sydney - VRLA SLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Deka 8A8DM $1595
Was $1913
Multiple Battery Discounts
Call (02) 9555-1000
Quality Absorbed Power Deep cycle AGM Battery Sales - High Quality SLA Batteries - Sydney Dealer Batteries
24 Months Australia-wide Warranty
55AH Spec sheet
Absorbed Power 55 Amp Hour 12 Volt AGM Battery - GT12-55C 55AH Price $259.00
GT12-55C $259
Was $339
75AH Spec sheet
Absorbed Power 75 Amp Hour 12 Volt AGM Battery - GT12-75C 75AH Price $309.00
GT12-75C $309
Was $395
90AH Spec sheet
Absorbed Power 90 Amp Hour 12 Volt AGM Battery - GT12-90C 90AH Price $349.00
GT12-90C $349
Was $449
100AH Spec sheet
Absorbed Power 100 Amp Hour 12 Volt AGM Battery - GT12-100C 100AH Price $369.00
GT12-100C $369
Was $497
Absorbed Power
120AH Spec sheet
Absorbed Power 120 Amp Hour 12 Volt AGM Battery - GT12-120C 120AH Price $419.00
GT12-120C $419
Was $529
150AH Spec sheet
Absorbed Power 150 Amp Hour 12 Volt AGM Battery - GT12-150C 150AH Price $479.00
GT12-150C $479
Was $610
Absorbed Power 200 Amp Hour 12 Volt AGM Battery - GT12-200C 200AH Price $689.00 200AH
Spec sheet

GT12-200C $689
Was $829
Buy Discount AGM Deep Cycle Batteries online
Wheelchairs & Mobility Scooters
Gel-Cell Batteries
Gel-Tech Deep Cycle Gel batteries - truly astonishing performance Premium Quality
U.S.A Made

Watch on YouTube
Buy Gel-Tech 8GU1H 32ah gel cell battery Sydney
8GU1H $239
Was $319
Buy Gel-Tech  8G40C 40AH gel cell battery Sydney
8G40C $309
Was $385
Buy Gel-Tech  8G24 75AH gel cell battery Sydney
8G24 $399
Was $515
Buy Gel-Tech  8G31DT 75AH gel cell battery Sydney
8G31DT $495
Was $660
Century Truck Batteries
Save $40.00 to $110.00
Century truck battery discounted cost price for NS70-MF & NS70L-MF $195.00 superior performace Century truck batteries that last and last
NS70-MF & NS70L-MF
$199 Was $249
Century NS70LX-MF & NS70X-MF Ultra High Performance battery discounted price $225.00 save $50.00
$239 Was $279
$269 Save $60
Century truck battery  N100 - N100MF discounted cost price $219.00 Century superior performace truck batteries that last and last
$279 Save $60
Century N120 - N120MF discounted cost price $259.00 save $55.00
$319 Save $60
Discount prices on Century truck battery N150 - N150MF $299.00 | N200 - N200MF $379.00
Save $60.00 to $110.00
N150MF $349
N200MF $439
8D-N200Z $499

Powerful DuAl Batteries to Suit
Ford F250 - F350 - 7.3L V8 Diesel
Century N65D-MF Battery Discounted Price $229.00 save $40.00 Suits Ford Explorer, F250 & F350 7.3L Dual Batteries N65D-MF
Save $40.00
Spec sheet
Also suits Ford Explorer

CTEK D250S Dual DC-DC Battery to Battery Charger
CTEK D250S DC-DC Battery to Battery Charger Discounted Price $365.75 (Normally $475.00) The Best Auxiliary Battery Charging Solution
The best solution for your Caravan, Motorhome,
Boat, Solar & 4WD Dual Battery Systems.
FREE Battery Advice on Deep-cycle AGM - Marine & CTEK Chargers
Email above or Phone (02) 9555 9444
All prices are current & include GST Up to 20% off
on all Century, Yuasa, AGM, Optima & Commander batteries Please call for batteries not listed here
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